About Me

‘Never again,’ was all I could say after my very first trail run. It took me a while to free my feet from my road runners that day, as they were completely caked in mud. I had signed up for what I thought was a ‘normal’ 10km event near the town where I was based back then, in the North Yorkshire countryside… But the route I was faced with was much hillier and muddier than I could ever have imagined. That was in 2015 – it turned out to be the start of an amazing adventure.

In the years that followed, I bought several pairs of trail runners (and soon found out they made a huge difference), I discovered a whole new breed of people who run up and down hills in all types of weather, and I started to identify myself more and more with those people. There were a lot of beginner’s mistakes, but as I kept running and learning, learning and running, I began to find my place in the world of ultramarathons; I feel at home on the trails, in the mud and in the mountains. I enjoy long training days in the Alps, but somehow the Irish hills keep calling. That’s where I found my passion for nature, for running, for moving, for falling and getting up again.

I love sharing this passion with others – and one of the things I enjoy the most, is helping others find their way on their own unique adventure. This could mean that you have big goals and are ready to take the plunge into doing ultramarathons or getting more competitive, but this could also mean preparing for your first trail race; your first time getting your runners muddy, just like me.

Whatever your background is, I’m looking forward to helping you get started and to be there every step of the way as you work towards your goals, no matter how big or small. Check out my coaching page to learn more.

Are you interested? I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email, DM me on Instagram or subscribe to the mailing list.

Results snapshot
– Bauers Megabackyard Funrun 2024 – IRL, 172km (last person standing)
– Wicklow Way Race 2023 – IRL, 130km (1st female)
– Beara Way Ultra 2023 – IRL, 160km (1st female, 2nd overall)
– EcoTrail Wicklow 2022 – IRL, 80km (1st female & CR, 4th overall)
– Norn Iron 100 2022 – GBR, 170km (1st female, 2nd overall)
– Waterville Trailrunning Festival 2022 – IRL, 130km (1st female, 2nd overall)
– Ancient Warriors Trail – IRL, 107km (18:23:16, FKT)
– Dublin Mountain Trailrunning Festival 2021 – IRL, 100km (1st overall)
– Kerry Way Ultra 2021– IRL, 190km (1st female)
– Slí Gaeltacht Mhúscraí 2020 – IRL, 75km (1st female)
– Grizzly 100 2019 – BEL, 100km (3rd female)
– Kerry Way Ultra Lite 2019 – IRL, 58km (1st female)