Running Coaching

My training philosophy can probably be summed up in one word: consistency. Smart workouts are important, there are cool tools you can use and there’s gear you can buy to improve 1 or 2 per cent here or there – but what’s most important if you want to become a better runner, is putting the work in over weeks, months and years.

That might sound boring – and it can be at times – but it is incredibly fun and rewarding as well. That’s because consistency doesn’t mean doing the same thing day after day, on the contrary.

It means…

…mixing things up to keep your training interesting and effective, both from a physical and a mental perspective;

…finding a structure that works for you and your current situation, and adjusting your training as your circumstances and priorities change;

…eating well (and enough!) in order to allow your body to recover and get stronger over time;

…enjoying your training so that it’s something you want to incorporate into your daily routine.

As a coach I can help you work towards your goals in a smart, effective and fun way, tailoring your training plan to your unique background, priorities and circumstances.

Coaching includes:

  • An initial call to discuss your background, your goals and what you’re looking for in a coach;
  • A training plan that’s created just for you;
  • Regular contact via Training Peaks and WhatsApp/email;
  • Updates/adaptations to your plan as you progress;
  • Pre- and post-race calls;
  • A focus on progress, results and enjoyment.

Want to get started or need more information? Get in touch!